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Helping those whose lives have been treated unfairly by insurance companies.

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Every driver should make certain that they buy UNISNURED/UNDERINSURED auto insurance. This is the insurance that protects you and your family.

If you do not think the insurance company is treating you fairly you should hire Thell Thomas.

  • Your insurance company should treat your interests with as equal A regard as it does its own interest.
  • Your insurance company must objectively evaluate a claim.
  • it is not proper for an insurer to deduct depreciation from the value of the claim when evaluating a claim under a replacement cost policy.
  • Failure to fairly and reasonably investigate a claim does not permit the company to deny the claim due to lack of information or one-sided information.
  • An insurance company may not ignore evidence. If it does so, it acts unreasonably and violates the covenant of good faith and fair dealing.
  • An insurance company must fairly, reasonably and promptly pay the claim if payment is warranted.
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