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Thell provides an immediate investigation and aggressive representation in order to achieve the maximum recovery in your case.

It is important that you immediately seek legal advice, if you or a loved one have been involved in a trucking accident, so that the trucking accident can be immediately investigated. The trucking company and their insurance company will also immediately investigate, and try to figure out ways to avoid responsibility. If you delay in hiring a lawyer, you may find that their insurance company has already conducted their own investigation. The trucking company may have gotten rid of driver logs, inspection records, scale tickets or other important evidence. For several reasons, the trucking company is in a hurry to repair their trucks when they are damaged in an accident. If the truck is repaired before you hire a lawyer, you may have lost important physical evidence that could help in the prosecution of your case.

Most trucking accidents are caused by violations of state and federal laws and regulations. These laws are designed to ensure that trucks drive on our roads safely. Semi - truck drivers must be adequately trained; the drivers must be rested; the trucks must be well maintained; maintenance must be documented; and the trucks must be inspected. Additionally, trucks must be properly loaded in order to safely drive on our roads.

Semi - truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries. Injured people, or families that have lost loved ones due to negligent truck operation, deserve money to compensate them for their losses. Trucking cases can be complex, and because there is often a significant amount of money involved, the trucking company and their insurance fight these cases aggressively. That is why you and your family need the help of Law Offices of Thell Thomas in order to fight for the justice you deserve.

Thell Thomas can help you get the medical care you need to recover, even if you do not have medical insurance. It is important that you seek immediate medical attention, if you have been injured and it is the fault of another.